Feature Requests Overview and Voting system

Feb 12, 2021

As i do make feature requests now and then, and although i understand Articulate's reluctance of opening up status of feature requests to all users i do think the process is not transparant for loyal users. Especially when you notice that some requests are asked more then 5-10 years ago and there are no updates whatsoever. If we at least could see what requests are prioritized. And as said from a developer's point of view i do understand Articulate's reluctance opening this up, but from a customer's view i do not.

So i made a Feature Request Overview element in Storyline. Anyone can see what other users added and add their own requests. I am no Articulate employee, so this is totally not connected to actual feature requests. But next to adding new requests you can also add your vote to an existing request by clicking a row. Do not misuse it by multiple times clicking a feature, as then the reliability of how many votes a feature gets is lost. If a lot of users like this, i can add a change of the date to it..so we can see when a request was made. The date added now is the current date its added to this overview/voting system.


You can see it, and add your own feature requests and vote for existing ones here.

I really hope Articulate will make the feature request process more transparant then the need for something like this is gone.

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Diarmaid Collins

Interesting. It would be awesome to see something like this incorporated into the development timeline of Storyline. It is kind of depressing seeing how many basic requests have gone unaddressed for years. But, in fairness, some of the recent improvements, whilst really basic in implementation, do point towards a more fluid work environment.

Math Notermans

Agree completely. I do love Storyline and been working in it from version 1, and i always found the standard replies and hidden development roadmap on feature requests annoying. And then seeing requests from over 7 years and longer being unadressed... doesnot feel customer friendly. However seeing the scores in my list im somewhat surprised about what is key for a lot of users. I would not expect shape editing to score this high, while other in my view important request only have 1 or 2 votes. I do think Articulate should have opened up their development roadmap in a similar way years ago...that would have given users a quite different look on feature requests. They still can do that though.

Math Notermans

A sample i cannot do as there are quite some passwords in it to get to Google Sheets for writing the data. 

Basically this is what i do... write data to Google sheets, and read it in. I use Google Cloud Functions to read,write and update data. As they work fastest directly on the Google API. The workflow mentioned a lot here on the forum works too, but Google Cloud Functions are faster and more reliable.

When the data gets read... i use Tabulator and jQuery to fill and update the table.
Reload/refresh the page to show the latest results...thats it.