FREE: Magic 8-Ball Quiz Template

Apr 19, 2020


For this week's E-Learning Heroes Challenge (#278), I dusted off this abandoned project that uses the random number variable to power a dynamic feedback / help function within a standard Multiple Choice quiz.

What could be more random than a Magic 8-Ball? Unless you believe its mystical powers can help you through this quiz?  

Click here to play 8 out of 10 for yourself.

This is a Multiple Choice quiz with an 80% pass mark.  The learner can shake the Magic 8-Ball up to five times to check their selection before submitting their answer. Correct selections receive positive feedback and incorrect selections receive unclear or negative feedback.  The feedback is based on the 20 possible answers in a standard Magic 8-Ball.


Magic 8-Ball States

While this reduces the effectiveness of the quiz for the purposes of summative assessment, it is a great way of conducting a formative assessment.  This format allows the learner to acknowledge any gaps in their knowledge and seek reassurance about their answers.

However, if the learner over relies on the Magic 8-Ball and shakes it too many times, they will not receive any more feedback for the remainder of the quiz. This added element of gamification should prompt learners to approach the quiz more strategically.

Disabled after Too Many Shakes

This demo can be quickly and easily repurposed for your own use, with the questions rewritten in the form view.  To achieve the same appearance, you will need to install the following fonts:

All fonts CCO / free for Personal Use.
All images created by me using MS Paint 3D and Adobe Photoshop.

If you have any questions about this demo, how it works and how to adapt it for your own use, please do not hesitate to contact me here, on Twitter or LinkedIn.



14 Replies
Roy Egan

Hi Jonathan

This is great thanks for the download!

I am relatively new to Storyline and find your 8 Ball Quiz really good for exploring and trying to understand what is going on and how it is built etc.

Not having great success however :)

If the question is not too onerous could you explain what I need to do to convert this quiz to 20 questions and what needs changing to accommodate the extra questions (variables, triggers etc).

I would really appreciate it if you have the time!



Jonathan Hill

Hi Roy,

It's possible to increase the questions from 10 to 20, but it would also require some changes to the variables that run in the background.  (For instance, you may also want to consider increasing the number of 'shakes' allowed during the course of the quiz.)

Probably too much to go into here, but if you drop me a line via my website,, I'd be happy to discuss this in more detail.




Jennifer Paz

I can't thank you enough for this incredibly amazing quiz template! Not only did you create some super cool graphics while keeping the design sleek and clean, but the "shakes" feature just blows my mind (how you programmed it). If that weren't enough, this is EXACTLY what I need for my language learners. The option to shake the magic 8 ball for a hint lowers the affective filter, thereby reducing test anxiety, as you obviously know. For language learners, this is crucial, particularly in the formative stages. It is often challenging to get learners to risk using new language incorrectly in a classroom context, but this is one way that online learning really shines. Your template just made it 100x more fun! (Incidentally, I have already adapted this for use in my courses and credited you for your amazing work.)

Jennifer Paz

That is so kind of you! I believe I have figured out all I wanted to change (fonts, colors) on this template. I would never dream of messing with the triggers--and that is definitely beyond my expertise at this point (plus, there's no need to revise them). As it turns out, I happened upon another great free template of yours (Fly Airticulate), which has been a bit more challenging to update, but I finally figured how how to access the "Progress Tracker" text to change the font! Perhaps someday I'll reach your level of expertise/creativity (and your online portfolio is hilarious, by the way).