Progress bar in Articulate Storyline: Easy solution, using only one built-in variable

Hey everyone, I have created a video on how to create a progress bar in Storyline 360 - using only one built-in variable. I'm using the built-in variable Menu.Progress in the slide master.

Prior to recording this I only found solutions where you add triggers on the slides where you want your progress bar to fill up. You needed an extra variable to keep track of your progress and you would also have to put some kind of check in place, so that the progress bar doesn't fill up if you revisit a slide. If you create your progress bar this way, you have to make many adjustments when you add or delete slides in your project. 

What I found is that you can use the built-in variable Menu.Progress to get rid of this hassle. I wanted to share this with you because I think it saves a lot of time in production and maintenance of your course.

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