Office Waste Management Course

Jun 11, 2019

I built this for our office to try to get a little team spirit around our waste management and waste reduction efforts. Sharing here both in the hopes of getting some feedback from more experienced builders and hoping others will include something in their own workplaces. We did a neighbourhood clean up as part of our corporate volunteer program and I snagged 15 contractor sized bags full of wrecked plastic and junk from just two square city block! ICK! :)


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Victoria Leone

Very impressive Sarah. Also very important. I realize a lot of work went into this and it is to educate people in your community. Have you considered allowing a team of people that come from other communities to piggyback on your creation, letting them verify their communities policies and adapting the project to fit their communities and then giving it to the local utilities companies for their websites. Your message could go national and have an even bigger impact. You can add a condition that credit be given to you or/and final approval (for standards) be yours. Maybe head the team? I would gladly help.

Sarah Bezanson

Hi Victoria,

Thank you. That's a really interesting idea! It wouldn't be up to me as it was created for the company and using its resources, but I'll talk with our community engagement team. I would love for this kind of initiative to be part of a 'giving back' organizational strategy! 

John Faircloth-Wood

Wow, this is fantastic,

I am fairly new to RISE 360 and I wondered if you could by letting me know how you added the spinning globe on "Meet your Eco-Leaders?

Also, I like the way you put together the flip cards so that there was only one card on screen at a time, that looked great but how did you do that.

Thank you.


David Johnson

That's fantastic that you created a waste management course for your office to promote team spirit and raise awareness about waste reduction efforts. It's an important initiative that can have a positive impact on both your workplace and the environment. I'm glad to hear that you also participated in a neighborhood clean-up, taking practical steps to address the issue of waste.

If you would like feedback on your course or if you have specific questions or areas you would like assistance with, please feel free to share more details or specific aspects of the course. I'm here to help and provide guidance based on your needs. Additionally, if you have any questions or need advice on specific waste management topics, I'll be happy to assist you.