Print ANYTHING in StoryLine

By adding a new tab in the player properties panel and assigning it to execute the "window.print();" JavaScript, you can allow your participants to print any/every slide in your StoryLine projects including "Notes" or "Certificate" slides! No need to create a complex JavaScript course certificate solution, simply build a beautiful slide and let your users print it directly from the StoryLine player!

For SL 3 and 360 users, you can also move, reformat, hide, and reveal the button so you can take control over what users can print.

I've included the screen shots I used in the video in the attached Word document along with the JavaScript code snippets and an SL3 .story file.

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Victor Madison

Thanks Owen for your work on this option.  However, I have a client who uses IE as the corporate browser and runs my SL3 CBT in the local (CD) mode.  I  have tried everything, including this method, to print a certificate at the end of my course.  When I say everything, I have literally tried every solution posted in these eLearning Heroes postings (hours of testing).  

I have only had fair results using the simple java script "window.print ()"  command.  It prints the screen but the certificate is chopped off on the right side since the printout is in portrait mode (the same results occur when the printer is set for landscape).  I may just have to delete the printing option for the certificate.  I have spent too much time trying to find a solution that works in IE.