Receiving feedback from clients/SME's

Mar 28, 2016

My current method for receiving feedback from SME's feels a bit antiquated. I send them a link to the Storyline file, as well as a feedback form created in Microsoft Word. The form consists of two columns: a screenshot of the slide goes on the left, and written feedback goes on the right. After the SME reviews the file and compiles their feedback, they send the form back to me.

Does anyone have a more efficient way of receiving feedback from clients/SME's?

Thanks in advance!

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Joyce Hensen

I use a similar technique (with a similar form), but have recently found that I save a LOT of time by getting script approval first.  Once the SME has agreed that the content is accurate and complete (and hopefully not too bloated), I build the course. (Actually, I'm often working away on the graphics in PP while waiting for script approval so that the concept is ready for use when the script is approved.) Then I shift to Storyline to actually build the course, drawing in any graphics I've developed along the way.  Getting the script approved in advance really cuts down on re-recording time!

When I ask for review I'm mainly getting them to check the functionality and to agree that they haven't changed their mind about the previously approved content. 

Kathryn Wheeler

I highly recommend ReviewLink by Trivantis. It does come at a cost but the functions are fantastic. We use it as we also develop in Lectora and it comes as part of the package, but you can purchase an account separately and upload other eLearning :) 

Bhavya Aggarwal


zipBoard is a tool built to gather feedback and also do QA on your e-learning courses. 

You simply upload your SCORM files or share the URL of a hosted course and your SME's/clients can take screenshots, add annotations/comments while reviewing the course. It should help ease your feedback process immensely. Do give it a try, 1 project is always free. 

Disclaimer: I am the founder at zipBoard.



Kelvin Loh

Provide the program in published Storyline format and word format in advanced. Set a date for face-to-face review with all stakeholders (client, SME, trainers, etc.).

Make changes (in Storyline) during the review and get everyone agreed on the spot. (except media that need to be modified in other tools or too complex. Do not depend too much on recording comments and later need to be communicated to the production team. (to avoid miss-communication)