Storyline Template Design: Flip Interaction

Created a storyline sample template design using different interactivities in Articulate 360. Its creation is still in progress but I am happy that I got my flip card interactivity to function just like I wanted. Check it out below.

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Bianca Woods

Thanks so much for sharing this template, Suchitra. And isn't it so satisfying when you can get the interaction idea you had in your head to work just as you planned in the course?!

I especially loved how many of your slides animated in in a similar way to your GIF illustrations. Did you find the GIFs first and use them as inspiration for the slides, or did you have the idea to have slide elements animate in from multiple directions and then find GIF illustrations that matched that approach too?

Suchitra Pujari

Hi Bianca! I usually start by adding elements to the slide and then animating it. I was going to use just vector images in the beginning and then add start and end animations to it from storyline. But later decided to use GIF's which complimented and went well with other elements on slide.

Suchitra Pujari

Hi Rubina! I am not sure about sharing the source file for now, since its a part of project I am working on. Maybe later if I get approval for it to be shared in sample form, I will share the file here. 

But if you need to know about any interactions in the template, I will be glad to help with it.

Suchitra Pujari

Hi Hianna! I have used the swivel animation with 0.25sec time and added trigger to start respective flip layer at 10 sec. I have done this for all 4 layers [ 2 for front flip & 2 for back flip].

You can also skip the trigger and use swivel with 0.10sec but the above way makes it work more precisely.