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Oct 19, 2012

My Colleagues are using Studio but I was told  Storyline is more flexible. Would I lose any functionality by going with Storyline. Also can we share content between these two. I need to know if I will lose anything by going with Storyline and if so what? Thanks

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Bruce Graham

Hi Amy, and welcome to the Heroes forum.

Unsurprisingly, there have been a number of threads asking the same thing - one of which is

The "official" comparison is at

Storyline is a "standalone" product, whilst you can use PowerPoint files to populate it, it can be used completely standalone, and it does not support PowerPoint features 100%. Studio does, because it is a PowerPoint Add-on.

You can pull Studio into Storyline, but the not the other way around.

You get different functionality with Storyline - you can pretty much do anything with SL, (within reason), the question is (IMHO) are you prepared to drop a dependence on PowerPoint?

Studio '13 will offer a completely different experience - half way between (current) Studio Suite and Storyline.

Hope this helps.


Daniel Brigham


I have moved to Storyline, because from an ID perspective it allows me to do more. However, there are some things you will not be able to do in Storyline, mostly graphic design related:

1. motion paths

2. advance text editing and image editing (including the cool PPT text and image effects)

3 Storyline slides take a bit longer to build that ppt, mostly because it's a more robust tool

I imagine Articulate will address most of the above with the next release.

You'll most likely do a lot of your design work in PPT (if you don't already do it in the Adobe suites), and then bring those elements into Storyline. I know I've gotten very used to all the cool graphic design add ons in PPT. Hard to live without them now.

Having said that, I really dig Storyline. Here's a brief Storyline presentation on my favorite features.

Amy Price

Thanks Daniel and Bruce

This is really helpful. I am an amateur and do not have content invested but the people I work with do and I will have to likely reload, share  and work collaboratively with them so I don't want to increase their learning curve or complicate things for me. Great Presentation Daniel!


Simon Perkins

Like Daniel says, SL isn't great for creating images (or rather, custom shapes/objects that group together to form a "picture") natively.  PPT - and indeed any other graphics tool, e.g. GIMP, PS etc - are still better for that.  

But once you have your images you can do a lot more with them in SL mainly due to layers, states and variables (with conditions etc).  Visually it's a lot more dynamic and interactive when compared with Studio output.  As a result I'd say it encourages you even more to "drop the word count" and get more visual, but without being gimmicky.

Gail Paquette

Hi Daniel - Is there another way to view your presentation on SL?  My company blocks that website so I cannot access.  If possible, could you upload as an attachment to this blog?   

As background, my company is in process of reviewing SL as compared with Studio 9 (which we have now) and the 2013 release of Studio 13.  My feeling is that the upgrade to Studio 13 will be best for us, although hard to know with the little that's published on the "official" site.  How would you rate SL against the upcoming Studio 13 features?  Any insights are appreciated.

Lucy Hood

Hi, just wondering if there's an up to date version of the Studio v. Storyline functionality comparison?

The only one I can find ( is from 2016 and compares SL2 and Studio 13.... I'm guessing a bit has changed since then?

Trying to help my colleagues who are new to Articulate 360 understand the differences. 

Thank you :) 

Sarah Hodge

Hi Lucy! Great question! You're right that a lot has changed...lots of newer features. 😊 We have a few updated resources that explain it in more detail:

Hope these resources are helpful!