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Chris Dale

Hi Gina, 

If you have your file on an LMS you can usually set the item to complete when opened, this might be an option if as you say you don't actually need to know who has completed it.

If you don't have it on an LMS you could employ something like a QR code or hyperlink on the first lesson of the Rise file that you ask your users to scan/click which then adds an entry to a SharePoint list - you would need your users to be on a central directory for this to work though.

Justin Collinge

Using OneDrive/Sharepoint is a fascinating idea - I must explore that.

Gina - I had a similar need for one of my courses & so I embedded a Storyline file into Rise which required the user to fill in their name (& in my case email too) before being able to continue. I then used a Cluelabs widget in Storyline to write that name to a Google sheet so I can monitor who was using the resource.
While the Cluelabs widgets are amazing they're a little fiddly to get working - if you decide to go this route & get stuck don't hesitate to come back to me & I'll share how I got it sorted.