Wrong layer appears when conditions have been met to trigger Correct layer

I feel as though I've succeeded at this in the past, but I am definitely failing at it right now!  It seems like it should be so simple, but clearly I'm missing something.

I am using Storyline 360 and have one last slide to troubleshoot.  I'm attaching a mock up of the problem below.

In short: I have six buttons and only 4 of them are the right choices.  If a learner clicks the wrong ones or doesn't click all 4 of the right ones, they should get the Wrong layer.  If the learner clicks all of the right ones, well, they SHOULD get the Correct layer. 

But it isn't working that way.  Instead, you get the Wrong  layer when you select the 4 correct answers.  Or you get the right layer when incorrect answers have been submitted.  I have a feeling this is an issue of Boolean algebra, but I'm not sure what to do about it.


Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Dave Cox

Hi Michele

That is a really interesting problem. Your triggers look just fine to me. In fact, I've tried deleting them and rebuilding them, and several other things. I also tried applying the output of the buttons states to a variable, with some rather interesting results.

Like you, I've done similar things in older versions of Storyline with no problem. But it looks to me like once you get more than one condition on the trigger, the trigger isn't evaluating the additional conditions. I also had trouble getting the triggers to evaluate correctly as a second trigger. This looks like a major bug in Storyline's triggers to me, so  I hope that Articulate's engineers can way in here.

You can see where I've added some variables and additional buttons. No matter how I set the buttons up, the variables don't follow correctly. The appear to respond starting with the second click, and then work fine, or they will only respond once.

I'm sending back your example with some of the things I tried to get a work-around, but so far I haven't found one.


Dave Cox

Hi Again Michele

As I said before, the triggers aren't responding to the buttons correctly, That is why you are having an issue getting this to work.

I did however work out a work-around for you. I had to come at the problem from a completely different direction to get it to work, but this method does work.

To get the processing off of the buttons, which is where the problem seems to be, I added an trigger to toggle a variable. This is working just fine. Then with the variable we just toggled, we can set the state of the button to display correctly. This way there is no problem with the button states showing incorrectly. I had to add custom states to get that to work. Now, all that is left is to change your submit buttons to look at the variable we set to trigger the layers correctly. You can take a look at how I did it in the updated project.


Dave Cox

Hi Melanie,

Yeah, good thought. That was the first thing that I tried for Michele. It didn't work after the second condition was added. I looked at the way Michele had her triggers set up too,  and they should have worked just fine. I tried rebuilding them, but they quit working after I added the second condition.

I originally thought that it had something to do with her using the default states, becuase the defaults states have their own logic. But using custom states didn't fix that either.

I also found that if you try to trigger more than one thing that were dependent on the state of the button, the button state changes between the first and second trigger. It should not do that. 

That is why I came back at the proble, with sort of a back door solution, and why I think that the Articulate engineers need to re-evaluate how the triggers work with the buttons.

Michele Brooks

Hi, Dave and Melanie,

Thanks so much for bending your brains to this problem.  I thought I was going mad because I couldn't see anything wrong with what I was doing.  It seems like such a simple thing! 

The worst part about it was that the 'pick many' slide from the Content Library 360, a slide that was designed to do exactly what I want to do here, is malfunctioning in the very same way.

Dave, I had considered that a variable might be the workaround, but I wanted other eyes to look at this to be sure I hadn't lost some important brain cells!  I'll check out your approach and truly appreciate the time you invested in checking my work.


Dave Cox

Yeah, this one is strange. In an older version of Storyline, this would've worked just fine. But for some reason, the triggers aren't picking up at the same time. Even when I first tried the variable, I noticed the triggers were working inconsistantly. My hope is that Articulate's support team will see this thread, and report this to their engineering team.

Dave Cox

HI Michele, 

Yes, you are correct. This really should work! 

I ran into this issue on another project I was working on, so I decided to do some further testing, and I think I've discovered why it is working so inconsistently. As I suspected, the triggers aren't working exactly as they should. 

I'm posting my tests and results here for you and Articulate to look at. Maybe you can check and see if I have my logic correct. Since I noticed no one from Articulate has weighed in on this thread, I'm going to open a ticket too.

Michele Brooks


Thanks for this idea!  It did work this time.  I had started with a pick many slide from the content library, and it didn't work for me.  This time the very same slide did work.  Who knows what tinkering I might have done to make that first attempt fail.

In any case, Articulate should take a look at the manual programming for pick many scenarios and see what can be done to allow it to work.


Michele Brooks

Dave, thanks for meticulously documenting what I believe to be a Storyline bug.  I'll try to get around to reporting it.  

At present, David's suggestion has solved the problem.  I just hate to rely upon Content Library stuff so heavily and feel strongly that the kind of programming I did should work within this environment.