Articulate 360 Peek Window issues

I apologize is this is covered elsewhere, but I didn't see it if it is. I have dual monitors because I find it easier to develop that way (pull up material in Word on one screen, copy into Storyline on the other). The Peek screen recorder seems to be a bit confused by that. When I try to record something, the "window" that shows up is about four inches from the screen I choose.

For example, if I choose "full screen" of the monitor on my left, it puts the red box mostly in the middle of the two monitors instead of fully over the left side. I am posting a screen shot of where the window goes on this page for an example (attached). The weird thing is that it will record the screen as if it is in the proper place (though does record the line of record box itself). If I move it with the move crosshairs to cover the window fully over the where I want it, it does not record correctly (it acts offcenter). I've tried playing with various things in Properties to see if it is a "compatability" thing, but haven't found an answer yet. Anyone have any ideas?

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Alison Stevens

Hi, I've run into this issue as well. Two external monitors on Windows 10.

Whether I select to record the full screen or a specific window, the red box appears in the wrong place, split between two screens. I've attached a screenshot of what happened when I manually resized it and then tried to record. 

It looks as though the resolution is the same. I tried reconnecting the additional monitors but that didn't do anything. It works fine when they are disconnected, but I really need two monitors for what I'm doing. 

This isn't an issue with either Replay or Storyline 360 (although using Replay my mouse is in the wrong place. Storyline there is no problem). 

Can I get a little help? Storyline is my least favorite way of recording my screen and right now that's my only option.