Odd anomalies: Review Presentation on Chrome (PC) vs. MAC (Firefox)

Hi has anyone come across this. I have sent file to Articulate but thought I'd see if it is a known-known.

I uploaded a module to review for a challenge, it looked fine when I looked at it on Review using PC (which is what I use for Articulate), and it looked fine on Mac(Firefox) via the Review page.  But when I came back and rechecked  the link via the Challenges page using PC (Chrome), pop-up boxes appeared when text variable field was clicked on. The pop-up box appears to contain prior attempts? at answering the question. I have never seen a text variable box behave in this way i.e. opening a pop-up box.

Attached Screen shot from PC (Chrome) the problem — and from Mac (Firefox) where this odd behavior is not happening.

Many thanks for any input.

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Ange CM

Hi Matthew,  Thank you. Odder and odder, I always block auto fill. But your response made me recheck all my settings, and curiously things I had blocked or opted-out-of were all switched on!

Re: Module - I guess people who use auto fill will see the unsightly and confusing pop-ups. Do you happen to know if there is any way it can be blocked at the Articulate end, some script maybe?