Requesting New Feature: Ability for reviewers to add new slides

We have our Medical SMEs provide comments for changes to the prior year's storyline file in Review 360. This works fine for courses that have minor changes, but when new slides are added it becomes problematic. Either SMEs try to add content (text only of course) to an existing slide and have to note that this is for a NEW slide, or they have to attach a PPT/Word doc with changes. In the end we have some changes on the slides and others in attachments. We end up even getting emails with files attached.
I would like to see the option of creating a new blank slide in which the reviewer could post the content (text and images) in the comments section. 

If you have a better way to manage changes before getting to the 360 review process please advise. We have a small team of 2 people and over 300 courses to change annually, all done in one month.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this issue.

ID/LMS Admin at a large hospital group

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