Review comments not coming through

I have some Storyline files out for review at the moment.  This morning I got 15 email notifications of new comments in a particular Review file.  However when I go into Review to look at the comments in context, they are not there.  I have been using Review a lot on this project and this is the first time this has happened to me.  I am at the pointy end of the project so really can't afford to be losing time with problems like this at this stage.



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Jason Fletcher

Hi Catherine - I just encountered the same problem. Someone was reviewing the course and as I was republishing it. I received a bunch of email notifications, but when I go into the feedback section, the comments aren't there. I'm looking forward to hearing our this one is resolved. Thanks for blazing the trail.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jason.  Thanks for reaching out.  

If you're able to share your Articulate Review share link, could you send it here to me privately?

I'm following this issue, and I'll be sure that this discussion is updated as soon as we have new information to share.  You'll get an email notification when I do.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Catherine and Jason,

We pushed a fix to Review last night that should resolve the issue where comments might appear to be missing if they were posted by reviewers who weren't signed in with an Articulate ID and the author published a new version of the course.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ron,

There was an issue with Review where comments might appear to be missing if they were posted by reviewers who weren't signed in with an Articulate ID and the author published a new version of the course.

This was fixed at the end of July as you can see in the release notes here - are you seeing this with recent courses, or you're hearing about it now? 

If you have a recent example of this, our Support team would be happy to take a look. You can start a new case here. 

Ron Brockman

It is a course I initially uploaded on 8/18/17, received comments from the client successfully, and then republished on 8/25/17. The comments since republishing the course are the disappearing ones.
The release notes state that since Review is a web app there is nothing to install.
I have started a new case this morning (#01126164). 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monica,

Did you look at the previous versions to check for the comments? 

We do have an issue where comments would disappear if the user hadn't pressed enter and the update was published while they were still typing - but that should only impact the current comment, not any others they had previously submitted. 

If you'd like to share the Review link with me, I'm happy to take a look! 

Monica Hill

Hi Ashley, the previous versions did not have any comments visible on them last week.
They appear to have come through now, which is great, because our Learning Designer has to approve them before I can act on them, so we've got a bit of a chain to go through!

The comments were submitted, and we've found out that if we log out and look for them we can see them, but nobody could see them while logged in. (Edit: they have now disappeared if you sign out, but most have turned up in the previous version) 24 comments were impacted (21 have appeared, not sure what happened to the other 3).

We had our proofreader make an Articulate ID using a free trial to continue making comments, and that seems to be working, but it is a hassle trying to access and act on the other comments (Edit: easier now that the previous version is no longer empty), and now we are worried that this might have happened without us noticing at other times.

Monica Hill

Hi Ashley, this has been marked as resolved as we found the majority of the comments we needed and were able to continue with the process after our proofreader created an Articulate ID and signed in with that to create additional comments. I'm more concerned that the issue is still happening as it was marked as a fixed bug at the end of July, but we're currently able to continue with our project timeline. Thanks :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monica, 

There was an issue we identified earlier this year, which is the fix mentioned. Since then we did implement a few other settings to ensure that those comments would go through successfully but if it's still happening today we'll want to dig into one of your Review courses again. 

Let me know and I can open up that case again, or you can always start a new one here!