Updating another team member's storyline project and republishing to review

Jul 16, 2020


One of our team is on furlough.  I have access to her storyline project and have made changes.  I would like to republish it in Review keeping the original feedback but not sure how to do this as review will only see my own published content.  

Does anyone know a way to keep the original feedback?




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Ren Gomez

Hi Pam,

Thanks for reaching out! Currently, there is no way for multiple team members to publish a new version to the same Review 360 link. If she published the original link, she'd have to republish under her Articulate ID to retain the comments.

This exact scenario has been mentioned before in other discussions, and we've taken note of it to share with our product team. I'll be sure to add your insight as well to our report and pop back in here when we have any progress to share on this feature.

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