Adding "Continue" button to Rise Quiz

Oct 24, 2018


I have a lesson that comes after a Quiz to wrap up the module and thank the student for participating.  However, there is no way to add a "Continue" button in a block for a quiz.

I do not want my students to be able to navigate freely using the sidebar, so I have that options set to "Closed."

Quizzes are considered "lessons" so why is there no option to add Block functionality?   This feature was just rolled out for all other lesson types just last week, so how did Quizzes miss the cut?

What are my options here?  I do see that others have asked the same question in the forums but I am on a tight delivery schedule and need to have this addressed ASAP.  I also see a workaround that someone offered using Storyline, but I do not want to go through that unless it is absolutely necessary.  

This feature should be in Rise.

Thank you.


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Crystal Horn

Hi folks! I’m thrilled to announce we’ve added an option to choose a continue button style on the quiz results page. Now, your learners will see the familiar continue button that adopts your course theme color if you select this option in the quiz settings.

We’re here if you have questions about how this feature works.

Julie Franke

Thanks - I did preview the whole course. The quiz is the third last topic - so you can see in the image that I have completed everything up to and including the quiz - with two more topics to go. So I have previewed it a number of times and also published to review. Still does not show the CONTINUE button.

Julie Franke

Thanks - all fixed. Super fast support!

It was my fault - I don't use the Previous & Next Buttons - so had to turn that on in Settings and it works perfectly.

Thanks for finally releasing this feature - it has made my client very happy! Today was pretty much my last day to find a solution that didn't suck - so the release of this has been very timely.

A BIG thankyou to everyone in the Articulate Community for pushing to get this feature released!!!

David Wolfe

Julie...I have always had my Previous and Next button functionality turned on, yet I do not see the "Continue" button at the end of my quiz.

I previewed the entire lesson in Review 360 (not just the quiz) and it is not there.  Did you do anything else other than enable the Previous and Next buttons?

David Wolfe

Alyssa....I have noticed that when previewing the entire course in Review 360 the post-quiz continue button does not show. I am only able to see it after exporting the entire course and uploading to a test site in SCORM Cloud.

Is there any way that this button can appear in Review 360 to make it more efficient?  Having to export the file and then import it to SCORM Cloud or similar site seems like a bit much for a simple preview.

Renz Sevilla

Hi David,

This is shown in Preview and in Review 360. 

Course Preview

Review 360

I would suggest verifying the following:

- You are previewing the whole course and not a particular section of the Quiz.
- You have published the latest version to Review 360.

If you're still having trouble, can you please try clearing your web browse cache? Here are a couple of ways of doing that based on the browser you're using:

Next, you can try logging out and using the Incognito or Safe Mode of your browser to make sure you're not experiencing any browser conflicts. Let me know if that helps!