Block Templates not saving

Oct 19, 2022

I'm having an issue the last several days of not being able to copy and save template blocks to re-use, which is an issue for formatting and sharing information between courses. I can add the blocks to a new template as usual but when I save, even after I get a success message, when I go back into the templates screen and try to add the new block template, it shows that it is not loaded and processing. It seems to time out. 

 I am seeing this on multiple computers with different block types, even just saving a knowledge check. 

Is anyone else seeing this issue or have a solution?

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Gavin Statham

Hi Amy


Ii have seen this a lot recently, it occurs mostly when you have two+ rise tabs open. close them all down and open the one you wish to copy, create your template and then go back into the one you want.


I know this is a pain because you want both open to expedite the process. I am sure this did not used to be a problem though!!

Amy Hengst

Somehow I did not see all these messages till just now! It has been appearing to work recently.

I am very guilty of having multiple Rise instances open and so that could be the culprit.

I just tested right now and everything is working smoothly -- but differently than before. Now it is setting everything and saving in Alphabetical order rather than in Recent list.