Can I change a thumbnail on a video?

Jul 30, 2019

Right now it is showing a black screen, is there a way to add a thumbnail image from my video as the cover instead of a black screen?


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Rich, if the video starts from a blank screen and fades into a scene, the workaround solution would be to trim the fade-in from the beginning of the video.

I understand it would be helpful if you could choose the exact thumbnail image for your videos. If we make any changes to this that help, we'll let you know!

xx xx

One more Rise user who very much wants this functionality!  I'm also surprised that it's not already available.  

My work-around for now (like a couple others above) is that I upload the video to my video editing software and trim the first 1/2 a second and then save as a MP4.  However, this is a cumbersome thing to have to do, especially when you have numerous videos in your course.  It also causes the video to sometimes start abruptly since the beginning is being trimmed.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, John. The default Rise video is showing the first frame of the video before the learner clicks to play. Is the first frame of your video not showing? We can have a look at your video file and see if we can make any recommendations. You can share it with us privately by clicking here if you'd like!

xx xx

Yep, I know Sean.  This has been a feature request that was made a long time ago.  Really unfortunate that I have to spend time doing a work-around to get an image rather than a black screen.  I had this issue today while creating a short course that had seven videos in which I had to export to my video editor and insert an image.  That took an extra half an hour or so of my time.