Can I change a thumbnail on a video?

Jul 30, 2019

Right now it is showing a black screen, is there a way to add a thumbnail image from my video as the cover instead of a black screen?


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Steve Warren

I guess there are so many requests for new features that the developers find it difficult to know where to start.  But I'd suggest actually MAKING a start by clearing up some of these things.

If they're involved in "bigger things" then they're missing a trick, because so many of these would take little work to fix, and make the interface SO much more flexible and user-friendly.

Articulate's support team is good, but a responsive development team would enhance the offering a whole lot more.

Jillian Ward

I am a new customer and have just advocated for my company to start using Articulate. I have to say, I am starting to get worried by the number of basic features I've been seeing on the community boards that have been requested more than 3 years ago and still no update. Does the product development team at Articulate take user feedback and requests seriously?

This is another necessary feature to which I add my name on the request list.

Julia Mays

You are wise to be worried.  Get used to seeing basic requests that are six years old or worse.  The Articulate team seems to hold their "road map" as some sort of bible for development focus. The road map contains little focus on improving existing functionality, no matter how basic the features.  If it's not on the road map, it doesn't happen, and the road map only goes forward.  

Get used to workarounds for simple stuff.

Kristi Cable

I'm looking for an update on this functionality request.  Are we still waiting for the ability to add a thumbnail to a video so that a black screen is not displayed?  

We need the ability to either upload or choose a thumbnail from somewhere in the video. That or allow for embedding the video from somewhere like Wistia or Vimeo where we have already chosen a thumbnail!

Chris McCormick


This feature would alleviate a few pain points for our users in one fell swoop. Videos could fade in (and not have a blank thumbnail), and once videos finish playing, they would end on the first frame (white), which would show more clearly that the video has finished and the learner can move on.