Embedding Local Content on a Intranet site?


Is it possible to embed Storyline 360 (try interactions) that are hosted locally and only accessible on an intranet?  I have tried the URL/EMBED and I am receiving the following error "Please enter a valid URL or iframe or make it public"

Does Rise support local content to be embedded that is on an intranet site, or does it have to be hosted on a 3rd party site or something accessible from outside of the intranet?

I plan to download the project and store it on the intranet site so the content would be accessible to internal participants only. 

I appreciate your help.

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Simon Smith

I think this is a workable solution for this issue! It's very simple,  just copy and paste, but it's got a few steps you need to complete.

  1. Add an iFrame with a target that works in rise, and that you can remember! It can be any website.
  2. Export your course, and unzip it.
  3. Find index.html in your course (either in the root directory for xapi or inside the scormcontent folder for SCORM).
  4. Open it with a text editor like Brackets and look for window.courseData =
  5. You will find a whole bunch of letters and numbers inside some quote marks. You want to copy everything within those quote marks.
  6. You will need to decode this course content. It's encoded as base64, so we copy and paste it into  https://www.base64decode.org/ to make it human-readable.
  7. In the decoded text, search for your iframe code, and point the src tags at your new file, this can be something you've added in to the course folder or an intranet page. Please note, though, there are two src tags for each embed item. Don't forget to change both!
  8. Next, we use https://www.base64encode.org/ to re-encode the course content.
  9. In your text editor, paste the new version in between the quote marks.
  10. Zip your course up, and you're good to go.

If you try to preview the course locally by opening index.html in a browser, you probably won't see anything in the iframe because most browsers prevent local files loading in iframes. Toss it on scormcloud or test it in your LMS/LRS and you'll see your iframe working.

If you want to play around with the code a little more, once it's been decoded you can use https://unminify.com/ to make it a bit easier to read. There are a few things you can tweak in here. 

Jason Wyatt

I don’t believe so – we’ve explored this same thing for different purpose, and were unable to find editable URLs in the exported course package.

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Joseph Baiocco

Yeah, same goes for me. I want to pull the learner's name from our LXP and display it in the Rise course, but that's proving problematic because I can't link to an editable URL from within the package (and Rise isn't JavaScript friendly). I have a workaround that involves Storyline, but it would be nice to have a real solution (vs. a workaround).