Change Owner in Rise

Dec 19, 2018

My coworker created a course in Rise (therefore he is the owner). He is now leaving our department. Is there a way he can change the owner of the course to me?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sean!

We generally recommend that course owners send a copy or add collaborators to their courses if they know they're going to be out.

We do have a new process for transferring content when someone leaves your team. Do you know how many Rise 360 courses she has? If it's not too many, it might be easy enough to remove her from your team, transfer her content to yourself, add her back to the team, and send a copy of each of her courses back to her. 

Let me know if that's an option for you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mike,

When someone leaves your team, it's up to the team admin to decide what to do with the user's content.  The admin can transfer it to another team memberdelete it, or do nothing with it. This screenshot shows what your admin saw when removing the user from your team.

If the admin chose the Nothing - just remove user from team option, here's how you can get that content back:


Add the user back to your team with the same email address they used before.

Ask your IT staff to temporarily grant you access to it or to forward incoming messages to you. Then click the activation link in their email invitation. After reactivating the user's team membership, your IT staff can disable the email address again.


Remove the user from your team again and choose the option to transfer their content to someone else. This article describes where the new owner can find content that was transferred to them.

Let me know how it goes!

Joe Tansengco

Hi Loretta, 

You'll need to add the original course author back to your team and remove them again to trigger the prompt for transferring content of an outgoing user. If you need assistance to do this, or if the account of the author is no longer accessible, open a support case here so our team can assist you in recovering the content.