Change the padding default?

Nov 20, 2016


I'm really enjoying using Rise. Thanks.

I find that 30pt padding between blocks is too wide and I'm having to edit every block. Is there a way to set the default to "no padding"? j.

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Karl Muller

I have created a block of each type and formatted each one to meet our style guidelines, which includes setting the padding.

Then I saved them as Block Templates. Now whenever we need to create a new block, we add it from the template library.

Not only is it fast, it also ensures that our team creates consistently styled blocks.

Matt Bushby

I have to agree that I would rather be able to control the default so I dont have to remember to change it on every block as well. Surely providing the user the control here is what it is about.  The issue we have is that with high padding on widescreen monitors give the impressing of a number ending scroll, which in itself can be a negative. 

Jeffrey Clay

Hi....I agree with all the posters here, and this has now been 4 years. Is there any update to this?? Some way to better control the "paragraph" settings would be so helpful. There is so much wasted space between paragraphs, or between a paragraph and a list or other text item. Some basic text formatting options would make Rise so much better.

Michael Oswald

I find it interesting that we, the clients, keep requesting stuff from you all (Articulate) but you give excuses as to not deliver them.  I am new to Rise and am super annoyed that I have to go in and keep changing the padding.  30 is way to big.  I don't understand why we can't set a default ourselves?  I see these requests date back 2 years and still nothing has been done.  When will articulate start listening to us??  We are the ones developing course after course, so I am pretty sure we know.  This is so frustrating.  This is the fourth issue that I have searched for that's "on some list" that never gets accomplished.  What gives Articulate?? so disappointing.  

Tracy Creamer

Please add me to the list here as well.  I believe the thread above is about spacing between blocks. I have a need to reduce the padding between paragraphs inside of the same text block. Is there a way to do that? I certainly don't mind doing that manually for the time being. It appears that the spacing between paragraphs in the same block is also set at 30. Appreciate any feedback support.

Simone Basilio

I read all the comments and it seems like all we want is to have a way to change a couple of CSS values for a certain course. Could that be added to the Theme? The same way we choose the default fonts and accent color, we could have the default padding set there. It should be just a parameter passed to a CSS padding property and it seems like it would help many customers.

Math Notermans

My vote for this too... And not on a block basis but indeed in the theme set a default...perhaps even add a CSS to override things. As it is now...each block needs to be changed or used as Block Template. Thats overly complicated. Some simple extra options in the theme or a custom CSS would fix it. And as this has been asked for more then 4 years...time to act Articulate !!!