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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kristyna and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to accomplish.

You can change the background of your Rise Blocks within your course via Edit > Settings.

Changing the overall background is an idea I'm going to share with my team on your behalf.

Kristyna Bhattacharyya

Hello Leslie, thank you for the info. i would like to change the overall background color so thank you for taking it up to your colleagues. The reason from the customer is following: "we are also used to the white backgrounds, but if I have to look at a pc the whole day it is more relaxing for the eyes to have an off white of light grey background. But maybe this gives contrast problems for some people. (maybe as an option, change background colour, some sites a night modus)." Thanks.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jacob - you're right. Process blocks have a different type of container to handle the animation of each step, so the background for that block is actually completely covered by the interaction itself. Sorry for the confusion there! 

I've tagged this discussion for a follow up if we make any changes to how the process block background looks.

Kathy Biallas

It appears that Articulate users have been requesting this feature for more than two years. When will Rise offer a global setting under the "Colors & Themes" to allow us to set a background color for the entire course (including processes)?

It's extremely time-consuming to change every single block in each section of the course. My marketing & sales teams demand something other than boring white. This requires that I spend at least 30 minutes copying and pasting a hex code into the settings for each individual block. Of course, some blocks can be copied and the content modified during course creation, but if I'm mixing headers with processes and text and multimedia and interactions, there's only so much of this block-copying that can be done to save time.

Please add this to a feature request, or +1 vote for the existing feature request.

Thank you.