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Anthony Goss

It would be nice to have control over this.  You can get rid of the word "step" but the number remains.  I have some situations where I see the use of this block without the need for the number.  I could see replacing it with an icon or something else.  For now, I just removed the word "step" and the numbers remain.

Mark Rash

If you could add an option to hide or disable the numbering (both along the side and at the top), that would open up additional use cases for what is currently called the process block. I'd like to be able to simply do a text carousel, where the user clicks the arrow to see the next block of text in a linear fashion, but with no images.

Anthony Goss

Yes!  Of course, Articulate may be thinking of creating some kind of story/narration block as there has been some discussion about the need for audio with images that auto plays but that the user initiates.  It will be interesting to see what they come up with.  (All of this is speculation as I do not have any inside information....)