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Hi all!

So my team has pointed out to me that, let's say I fall off the earth tomorrow, how can my collaborators gain full access to the course to be able to publish or make dire changes? Right now the collaboration rights are very basic; just to edit content. The course owner is the only one who can publish, preview and export.

Any option to give more rights to certain users to prevent this type of mishap?

I'm sure this happens more than a few times a year to most people so I can see it being very valuable.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ros,

I know a few folks have reached out with similar questions, and currently, the original owner of the Rise course is the only one who has access to publish or adjust overall course settings (theme, labels, etc.). That is something our team has on their list to take a look at, and build more features around teams and collaboration, so I'll let you know here once that is ready! 

If you do fall off the earth tomorrow, we have a few strategies to help your team get access to the content again, and they'll want to reach out to our Support Engineers to get started! That way they can share your Articulate ID and any other private information outside of ELH. 

Best of luck keeping those feet on solid ground! If you need anything else, give us a shout. 😀

Matt Adlai-Gail

What we do in our group is that when a Rise course is done, or you're at a good stopping point, we ask our authors to Send Copy to a designed team member, so he always has a copy of everyone's work - it's our library/archive. So while we don't have the original course, we have an exact copy - so it's a good back-up strategy. Send Copy is also a way to show newer authors how certain nice effects are created, since it's essentially the 'course code'.

To enable consistency across all our authors, we also have a standard Rise course template which we Send Copy to all our authors (and resend when the template changes).

Erin Walker

That will be very helpful Ashley!  The dept I work for uses a rapid Animator app that allows us the following sharing options: View only, Copy only, Edit & export, or full access (which is Edit + ability to delete) to project.

While the Articulate team had their reasoning for limiting collaborators access, it concerns my Manager that if I go on vacation (something less dramatic, hehe) and someone needs to make edits to my project and republish, it's not possible unless they have my login info, which I feel is more of a security concern than allowing my team mate full access to an individual project.

So I look forward the future updates!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Erin,

Another good example, as sharing login information is not only a security risk but would go against the license terms of Articulate 360. 

I don't have an ETA on this type of change to Collaborators, and I hope that doesn't impact your manager's approval of vacation time! 

We'll keep folks posted here as soon as we have an update. 

Susi B

+1 from me for this feature

We have started to create some courses in Rise and now (because of vacation and sickness) we were facing the problem of simply sharing a project with the SME, because the collaborator couldn´t get the share link.

It would be nice if the owner would be able to (if needed) restrict the rights of the collaborator for separate functions (like export or settings or share), but for normal collaboration all features should be available.

Celeste Bramlett

A colleague of mine left on maternity leave.  Prior to leaving she made me a collaborator on 2 courses that needed editing.  I have been able to edit.  But I don't have the capability to export.  My ribbon that should say Settings, Share, Review, and Export is missing. See screen shot below.  I do see the content in my shared with me folder. Can anyone help? Please

April Lokar

Hi Celeste, 

Without being the course owner, you won't have those options. You can only edit course content. 

Articulate team - I have a HUGE need for collaborators to have varying roles within the courses...especially being able to publish a course! Would love to see this feature in an upcoming release!

Celeste Bramlett

April -Thank you so much for the quick reply.

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Dan Jeffries


I'm glad this topic was near the top of the list as I was going to start a new request.

I am Admin for our team and it seems strange that I cannot access all of my team's contents. A live example: I have a team member who is currently ill with Covid-19. We need to access one of his Rise lessons to make some changes but we can't. I don't want to have to pester him to give me collaborator access or to make the changes himself whilst he's ill. 

I know collaborator rights are possible but these can be missed. Surely an Admin must be able to access all content within their Rise team. 

I will suggest this as a feature request but given the current world situation and the ever likely need to work remotely, I really hope the Articulate team see the importance of Admin access to all projects.