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We have sent a Xliff file from an existing Rise course to be translated and received it back as a Word Document.

We used Transolution Xliff Editor and suggested that to the person doing the translation.

Is there a tool anybody can recommend to convert the Word doc back to a Xliff file to be important into Rise?



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Nick Briggs

Hi Heyns, Steve,

Don't shoot me. I am just the messenger, but you cannot convert a word document to xliff and upload to your RISE course.

There are a couple of solutions but both are manual and would require a CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool. 

1. On the premise they have created a Translation memory. If you re-export your Rise course (create a new xliff) and supply to your translator they may have created a Translation memory when translating the first xliff file and could possibly populate the new xliff with the stored translation in the Translation Memory > they should then be able to export the results (after checking all is translated) to a new Xliff that should then upload to your course.

2. No Translation memory.  You could export a new XLIFF from Rise > Import into a CAT tool > Export a blank bilingual (rich text format generally) document > copy across the text > Import back into the CAT tool > Export an XLIFF for import into RISE. (By the time you have done this unless the course is thousands of words you are probably as well trying to copy across the translated text where this can be done.

Your best way forward (if you do not have a Translation Memory) would be to try and leverage the translation you have as a resource if this is bilingual and possibly align this document (with the aid of a CAT tool) to produce a resource that could help lower the cost of creating a new XLIFF.

Sorry if the above doesn't help much but at least it is an honest answer.



Nick Briggs

Hi Vincent,

What you probably need to search for online is CAT tools (computer assisted translation).

Dependent on your needs (volume ongoing requirements) there are two main industry tools.

MemoQ & SDL Trados (both paid for). We use memoQ but I am not on any form of commission.

Other options in no particular order - although mate cat is open source.

Mate Cat

PO Edit

Star Transit


Deja Vu

Smart Cat

Omega T

There are some nuances with the xlf (XLIFF / XML) files that RISE produces and you should be aware that you can only upload the xlf from RISE into the exact course it was exported from (i.e. you cannot upload into what seems like an exact copy that may have been shared with you).

Happy to exchange emails with you if you need any more advice.