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Apr 24, 2020

Hi all,

I've noticed recently that you no longer seem to have the option to download a video that is on a rise 360 course. Before, if there was a video, you could right click the video and you would get some options, including the option to download the video to your computer. Now, when you right click the video, it doesn't do anything. I've tried this on several browsers.

Is there a way to go around this?

I translate rise courses from a different language, and when they share courses with me, I need the ability to download the videos in the course to edit them/subtitle them.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Annie Louden

Hello! I recently submitted a ticket about this, and the support person made an enhancement request on my behalf that I need the ability to download videos that I have uploaded to Rise. I understand not wanting learners to download videos to protect intellectual property. But if I'm editing a Rise course, with my Articulate license, it seems I should have access to this. 

So, please bring this feature back for course authors.

Alyssa Gomez

That's right, Annie!

Here's an easy way to access a video file you used in a Rise course:

  1. Export the course for Web.
  2. Open the zipped output folder, and you'll find another folder called "assets." All of the media files can be found inside that folder. 
  3. Scroll through the files in the assets folder until you find the one you need. Move that video file to your desktop.

James Beil

You can "inspect" inside Rise to find the video source link:

Right-click in Rise (not on the video block)

Go to "Inspect"

Scroll down through the code until the video block that you want to extract the video from gets highlighted

Use the "Down Arrows" to get down to the video file path source you can eventually get down to the link where the video is stored.  You'll see "src=" before a long link in a block that says "video" in it.

Copy that link and paste into your browser.

Right-click on the video and select "Save Video As"

Christine Watt

I am trying to download a video from a Rise course template, "A Guide to Mentoring Others."

I have tried the steps above and am still unable to download a video.  I want to reduce the length of time of the video.

Does anyone have a workaround?  I'd appreciated it so I can use this with our audience.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christine!

You should be able to access the video files in the "A Guide to Mentoring Others" course by following these steps:

  1. Export the Rise 360 course for Web.
  2. Open the zipped output folder.
  3. Click to open the assets folder. 
  4. Click to open the rbc folder.
  5. Scroll through the MP4 files in the rbc folder until you find the one you need. Move that video file to your desktop.

Let me know if that helps you! 

Jewels Dymond

I need to a do a quick edit on a video which is uploaded in a RIse course, just to adjust the volume from the initial recording. It should be a quick and easy fix, download, edit, replace video. I edit hundreds of videos and it would be very time consuming to go back to my library to find it. Also publishing the entire course, searching for the video etc. is also time consuming. As are the other suggestions in this post.

There is no right mouse click or download option on videos. For developers it would be nice if you could please return this feature, simply for the creators, while blocking learners for content protection is admirable, it is also a hindrance at times. Even adding a developer's option to choose to download or turn it off, defaulting at no or course, for the sake of pleasing my stakeholders if they desire to request it.

Giving us the option of downloading your own video content while editing your Rise course would save a lot of extra walk-around steps which would help us be more time management efficient. As loyal Articulate ambassadors, as members of the building Articulate Community, we all encourage companies to purchase Articulate Suite yearly subscriptions, we need your support to help simplify our toolbox while using your product. Thank you. 

Jewels Dymond

Thank you, and Good point. And as I said in my comment, I have 100s of videos in my files and I needed a fast fix with limited time to search my system for the proper edited ver. i was agreeing with this article that it's convenient for us, as builders to be excluded from the block functions list, as end users of course at times need to be, but not the builders, we need all the help we can get for the sake of efficient time management. Even if I could edit the video right in Rise, and alter the audio it would be super helpful. Just to have a few editing functions added for a quick video edit would be great. Storyline has one, as does Replay of course but there are tweaks required in Rise as well that pop up.