Employee Handbook examples

Feb 16, 2023

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has created any new employee handbooks or ebooks using Rise?

Do share if possible or redirect me to an earlier discussion on this topic.

Thanks a lot!


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Luciana Piazza

Hi Sonam,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

Yes, we actually have a Rise 360 Employee Handbook Real-Content Template that could be a great option for you to explore!

Here's how you can find this course on your end:

  • From there, go to the search bar in the top right of the page, and search Employee Handbook

  • Finally, you can choose to SELECT THIS COURSE and get started personalizing it for your team. 

I hope this helps you as you are creating your Employee Handbook in Rise 360! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help!