Error Message when upload published Rise file to SuccessFactors LMS

Jan 24, 2020

Has anyone been able to import a published Rise SCORM 1.2 to SuccessFactors LMS?

I have created a Rise eLearning module, published it for LMS (SCORM 1.2) and attempted to import the .zip to Successfactors LMS. However, I keep getting this error: An error was detected: getzipFile(filename,uploadID,addXMLFilesOnly) error occured while retrieving the file from db. I have researched on SuccessFactors Help portal and they recommend removing the </IOM> from the manifest file and re-zipping. However, I cannot find any </IOM> reference in the manifest file. 

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Stephen Wilhite

Sarel, when you say "export titles etc." are you referring to asset filenames? Would length potentially also be an issue?

Also, are underscores considered special characters? I've found that the character assets in the Articulate Content Library all have underscores in the filenames, so it seems unlikely that this is the issue, but I'm grabbing at straws right now.

Dana Collins

Alyssa, Sarel's "fix" does not resolve my issue. I have removed the hyphens from the course title (that appears on the zip file) and the course still "Fails" in SuccessFactors LMS. I am able to publish both Storyline and Studio courses without issue, but those are both desktop applications with a 2-step zipping process. Something is different with Rise. I'm thinking that since Rise is web based and has a 1 step zipping process that it must be publishing a zip file with different attributes.

My company is still at a stand still with using Rise. Can you please provide any further guidance?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Dana.

Have you had success uploading your Rise 360 output file to another LMS environment, like SCORM Cloud

We generally compare the behavior in SCORM Cloud to your LMS experience to try to parse out Rise 360 issues versus LMS issues.  We are happy to help you with that testing if you'd like to share your output file here!

Stephen Wilhite

Just got a response from Articulate Support that did the trick. @Dana you are absolutely right. It has to do with the zip file exported from Rise.

To fix, extract the zip file and then re-zip using whatever compression utility you normally use. Don't change the folder structure at all. That should do the trick.

Dana Collins

Hi Stephen, thanks for replying. Through my various troubleshooting I did find that unzipping the Rise file an zipping it with WinRAR was successful. However, it does not work when I used MS Zip or WinZip. My issue is that WinRAR is not an approved application for my company, so I now have to go through the process to get it approved. Also, WinRAR is not free so we will now be required to purchase several licenses for all of our Articulate Admin. This is just an extra expense and effort that I would prefer not to have to deal with, as I'm sure you understand. I was just hoping to find a way for Articulate Rise to publish the same type of file that is published with Studio or Storyline. Thanks again for your suggestion!

Dana Collins

Hi Alyssa, I have successfully uploaded the Rise published zip to SCORM CLOUD without issue. The problem is that the type of zip file published (web based) by Rise does not work in SuccessFactors LMS. The application based zip files published by Storyline and Studio work perfectly in SuccessFactors LMS. Please see my reply below to Stephen Wilhite. Thanks!!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Dana. So sorry Rise 360 is giving you trouble in SuccessFactors!

Let's try this: create a brand new Rise 360 course with just one lesson and minimal content. Export that course, then upload the zip file to SuccessFactors without modifying it in any way. I'd like to see if you get the issue on all courses.

Also, would you mind sharing a copy of the troublesome course with our team? Please use this link to start working with one of our Support Engineers, and they'll send you the next steps. 

Dana Collins

Hi Alyssa, I have created many modules in Rise and none of them will work in SuccessFactors, so I wanted to clarify that this is not an issue with just one course. I attempted to create a ticket and upload a new file for your review, but the case will not submit. I have tried to open the case twice and both times the page just freezes after clicking Submit Case. I have tried to load the zip file in this reply, but it is not allowed either. I believe my company has a policy in place that is not allowing me to upload the zip file to this website. I do not have any means to send you the file. Any suggestions?

P Parker

We started experiencing the same issue with Rise360 files published in SCORM after 2020-08-14. Our published files before this date work fine in SuccessFactors. We did figure out a way that worked for us; although, not exactly convenient (but it works). 

Simone Basilio

I was not expecting this to be such a big deal but here we are in May 2021 still unzipping and rezipping files. I don't have access to the Rise code, of course, but considering that:

- we were not experiencing issues before Summer 2020


- zip files created by Studio and Storyline are uploaded to SuccessFactors with no problems

I would expect that this would just be a matter of using for Rise the same compression method used by Studio and Storyline.

Does this make sense? 

Please understand that I am way beyond the "test your course in ScormCloud" step. I've done that already and it works but that doesn't necessarily mean that there is nothing that Articulate can do to solve this issue.

Dana Collins

Same here Simone. We have had to purchase additional software (WinRAR) to unzip and rezip the Rise files, because no other zipping program would work for us. It is extremely frustrating that Storyline and Studio work fine, but Rise does not. I have over 175 Learning Administrators in our SuccessFactors LMS and I am the only one with the software (WinRAR). It is a full-time job just zipping and unzipping content. 

Very disappointed in this process.