Estimated Seat Time or Duration of Course

Jan 09, 2019

Does Rise have a feature like Storyline360 that allows you to see an estimated Duration of the Course?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Morpheus,

Thanks for your question!

Right now, there isn’t a way to see an estimated course duration in Rise.

We’d love to hear more about how this feature would improve your experience using Rise if you’d be up for logging a feature request.

If I can help with anything else please let me know!

Zdravko Gunjevic

Hi Allison, 

Do you know if this feature request has ever been implemented. Knowing an approximate sitting time is useful for our learners as they plan their time. In Storyline 360, the system lets us know the approx time.

Asking a reviewing to guess the time it took them would be an incorrect time as the reviewer is (hopefully LOL) spending more time on the course. Likewise, as the course designer or SME, we are biased because we have a certain time in our minds that it should take. 

Anyhow - not the most critical feature, but definitely useful :)

Kristin Nicole Brown

Agreed! This would be extremely useful as at our business we need to send an estimated time to another team that schedules learning. All of these "training minutes" are tracked and are worth a significant amount of business resources. Not having accurate times for completion can lead to a loss of business productivity, and would be a huge value add for larger operations like ours! 

Tom Carter

I also agree that this would be a great idea!

I've recently design 5 modules to support a new piece of software we're using. 

I've made screencasts, added SL blocks for interaction etc.

I copied all text into Word to get a word count, then did an online calc for time to read. I added that t all screencast lengths. then estimated how long each SL block would take to fully interact with. That gave me an est time for each module. Pretty slow - go on Rise - work your magic ;)