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Chino Navarro

Hi July, I am sorry you are having some trouble with importing a translated XLIF file. I am here to help. The XLIF file can only be imported back to the exact same course it was exported from. If you import it to a different course, even if it is a duplicate, the import will fail.

If you are importing the XLIF to the correct course and it is still failing, please open a case here. We would love to take a closer look and see what might be causing the issue.

Chris Laidlaw

I have a file from a course which was translated from English to Latin Spanish. The upload fails every time and the translation company doesn't know why this file would be failing. Yes, the file is being imported into the same course the English XLIFF file was exported from.

I opened the *.XLF file in an XLIFF editor and all fields have been translated and align between source and target fields. I can' see why it would fail.