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Media Innowijs

I've got the same problem. When I republish the Rise project on the existing item, all feedback comments were gone. If I go a version back, I see the comments. Is there a way to disable that?
Now I need to instruct my clients to go a version back to read the comments and toggle between versions. That will be sensitive to errors, I'm affraid. 
The thing is that the review for Storyline is not like this, it only overwrites the project but the comments stay where they are. 

Media Innowijs

Hi Jo,

Well, I did publish the project on an existing item. Even so, when I look at the review publish, the comments are gone. Only one is left, I did'nt resolve the comments. current version

If I go back a version via the toggle button in the upper left corner, I see the unresolved comments.

previous version

So.. I was hoping there was a workaround or something, or is this a nasty bug?

Lea Agato

I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this issue. We’d like to take a closer look at what’s happening and to do that, we’ll need the following additional information from you:

  1. What’s the version of the browser you’re using when this happens.
  2. Do you see the same issue in other courses that you are working on?
  3. Did you create a duplicate copy of the course?

Lastly, will you be able to share a Review link for your course? Please use this link to share your info privately. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sandra! Are you the original author (owner) of this course, or are you a collaborator? 

If you're a collaborator, the updated course appears on the owner's Review 360 dashboard, whether the publisher is the course owner or a course manager. Comments on previous versions of the course won't appear with the updated version if the versions are published by different collaborators.