Feedback not showing in Rise


I've published a Rise course to "Review" but some of the comments my colleagues are making are not shown in the FEEDBACK area. I receive email notifications with their feedback, but then I open the course in Review and see nothing...Is someone experimenting the same issue?

It has also happened that someone makes a comment and then that comment disappears for them...

Thanks a lot,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Backbae,

Are you publishing new copies of your Rise course while users are commenting? That could mean the comments are not on the "current version" when you go to view it. 

We've also reported an issue to our team where if you are publishing a new version and I'm commenting at the same time but have yet to press Enter to save it, that Review page will refresh and the comment may be gone. I'll let you know once I have an update on that possible bug!