FIX NEEDED: Exported xliff file from RISE has included the default text block wording

I have exported the xliff file from RISE and it has included the default text block wording multiple times, even though this wording is not anywhere in my course (included the offending text below).

When we show up to the present moment with all of our senses, we invite the world to fill us with joy. The pains of the past are behind us. The future has yet to unfold. But the now is full of beauty simply waiting for our attention.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Aukalen,

Thanks for letting us know you're seeing the same problem. Do you know which block type the text might have come from?

It's possible that the filler text came from a block type that can be converted to other blocks. For example, if you add a Paragraph with Heading block, then change it to a Paragraph block, the heading text is preserved in the background in case you want to switch it back. 

If you know which block type caused the issue, that clue could help us nail down a solution!