Flash cards size

Hi, can you please look into adjust the formatting controls on text in the flash cards. At the moment there is such a small space to write text and most is lost in unseen borders. There are also many occasions where the last line of the text starts to fade out but it is not long enought to activate the scroll bar, so you can never see the words fully.

Can we look at adjusting the size of the box when is flips so there is no scroll bar as this is a pain on such a small space, or adjusting the margins or font formats easier. I realise the idea would be nt tohave too much text but with large margins it's hard to manage.

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Mark Rash

There is a workaround to get rid of the text fade on hover, but it requires editing the main CSS file in the published course every time you export from Rise. If you're interested, do try the following steps. If your course was exported into a zip file, you'll need to unzip it first.

  1. In the published course, open the file scormcontent/lib/main.bundle.css in a text editor. The file location may be different if your course is not SCORM.
  2. Search for this text:
    and replace it with this:
  3. Save the file.
  4. Zip the package for your LMS or otherwise deploy as you typically would.
Cat Wittman

Is there a way to change the overall size of the flashcards? I know if you add more than 2 in a row, they become much smaller. Ideally I'd like to retain that smaller size but only have 2 flashcards -- is that possible? Right now I am using two rows of flashcards to have a 2x2 grid look, but they take up so much real estate. Thanks!