Flash Cards, Text over image

Nov 18, 2022

Hi All, 

Wondering if it would be possible for your rise component template team, to update the flash cards so that a background image can be placed on one side of the card, and still retain the ability to have text over the image. Rather than as it is now, the moment you choose image, it takes over the whole side of the card and no longer allows you to add text. It's nice to have an image and description., or simply have a nice visual texture applied behind the text. 

Right now, the only way to achieve this is to place the text into the image. which causes editorial and localisation issues. Which means that the image file will always have to be reedited, causing slower development, and increased costs.  

There are already a number of Text over Image components available, so I know it can be done, and quite easily, I am sure. 


Paul Casey


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