Force restart of Rise course after failing assessment/quiz

I have a course that ends with an assessment in a Storyline Block.  I setup the block so that they get up to 3 attempts.  The intent was if they didn't pass the assessment they have to restart the course.  However, after failing if they exit, upon return, Rise brings them right to the beginning of the assessment (variables reset to their defaults) for three more attempts without having to review the material.  So, is there anyway to force Rise to restart/reset?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael.  Rise courses will automatically pick up where the learner leaves off when hosted in an LMS. The Storyline blocks will start over, but it sounds like you need to refer them back to the course material in Rise.

With your setup, you could add some messaging to the failure layer of the Storyline results slide to direct them to revisit the material.  It would be your learners' choice at that point to choose to actually revisit your content.

This article describes the benefits of both Storyline and Rise, and when you might want to consider using one over the other. Since you've done a lot in Rise already, you can leave the course as is and remind learners how to retake it.  If you need tighter control over navigation and the ability to deeply customize their experience, I would consider using Storyline for this project.

Happy to hear your thoughts!

Crystal Horn

Hi Diana, that's correct. There isn't a native way in Rise 360 to force the course to start from the beginning again.

There could be some options in your LMS to reset learners. Is the Rise 360 course considered completed even if they fail the last assessment in the Storyline block? Some LMSs allow a new attempt at a course once it's failed, and that new attempt would start from the beginning.