GIF Headers available for downloading

Sep 22, 2022

There is a post in Tom Kuhlmann's rapid E-Learning Blog (such an amazing and helpful blog!) from back in Sept. 2018 where he talked about animated GIFs for use as Rise headers.  He provided quite a few examples and stated that they would in a folder to download, but there are only 3 that I could download.  Here is the link to that section of his blog  Here Are Some Free Animated Gifs | The Rapid E-Learning Blog (

I would really love the overhead table GIF as it would fit perfectly with a course I am developing.  Does anyone know how I can download that or is that not available for downloading?  Thank you!

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Dianne Ospina

Hi Tom,

Yes, I was able to access that and have downloaded those 3 gifs.  Thank you for sharing, they are amazing.  I used the Whiteboard in my first Rise eLearning last month and it really helped to make it "pop", so thanks again. 

I thought that the Overhead Table would be included in the folder.  Would you be able to share that one as well?  

Thanks for all you do for this community Tom.  Have a great day.