H5P intergration

Feb 20, 2019

How hard would it be to integrate the H5P tools into rise scorms. I already do this in another LMS, with a plugin, but these don't reside in the scorm ( rather in the framework). I would love it if we could add some of these interactive elements into rise. the interactive video player is especially useful.



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Jim Muirhead

You can embed H5P content into your Rise lesson very easily.

1. Produce your content in H5P.org or create a Wordpress site with the H5P plugin (this is what we do)

2. Build your H5P activity

3. Grab the embed code

4. Choose the 'Embed' block and paste in the H5P code (removing the <script> tag at the end

5. Boom! H5P is embedded

Obviously it wont record scores within your LMS but features like Interactive video, drag and drop, hotspots etc work really well. The Essay question is an amazing addition too, something I would love to see in SLine or Rise. 

The only other thing to consider is - when exporting as PDF - now all of the H5P content will show. Not great if you use Accordions, for example.

Hope that helps.