How to embed a SharePoint site?

Aug 24, 2021

Hi, I would like to embed a SharePoint url as content to a lesson course in Rise, but when do that, a "sign-in" link only shows up and even if I click and log-in, the url just redirects me to the SharePoint front page - and it still shows a "sign-in" link at Rise... Is it not possible to embed SharePoint sites? Or how do I do it? :) 

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Karl Muller


This is not a Rise issue.

Where is your course hosted? Within a LMS?

All SharePoint sites require a login. When you are logged into your company network, no additional login is required.

However, if your course is running in a LMS that is outside your company firewall, the SharePoint site will consider the link request as coming from outside the organization firewall and will require a login.