Lesson heading divider is not a consistent color

There appears to be a header line after the Lesson title and Author that is a default. I can't find a way to make changes to it as if I added a divider line. My problem is that when in preview mode the line starts out as green and then changes to a light gray part way across the screen. At first I thought it might be a progress bar since it changes between lessons but it doesn't progress consistently between lessons. I saw a similar discussion about changing buffering  and colors but that doesn't seem to be an option for this line. Any ideas?

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Karl Muller

Hi Jennifer,

The line you are referring to is the Lesson Progress line/bar.

In Edit mode it is just a gray line and does nothing.

In Preview Mode it uses the custom colour you defined for that course, and the line will start small on the left, and grow to right as you complete more of the lesson.

When you get to the very bottom of the Lesson, the line should extend all the way to the right side of the page.

As you change from Lesson to lesson, the line may behave slightly differently, e.g. for a short lesson, the line will grow to the right very quickly, and in a longer lesson, the line will grow much slower.