Multiple languages in one course

Jul 24, 2019

Is it possible to include several languages in one course or do I have to create a separate course for each language? I can do this in Storyline by creating a separate scene for each language but don't see how it's possible in Rise. Maybe this is documented somewhere but I couldn't find it.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Scott,

As Alyssa rightly points out, your biggest problem with having multiple languages in one course is the labelling, which will only ever be in one language.

If you want to make it all look like one course, an option you do have is to set your course up with just a single Button Stack block as an Introduction. This would have the introduction to the course in all the different languages that you wish to use and then, through web links attached to each button, the user would be directed to their language of choice.

From your point of view, you would set up each language in a separate course, complete with appropriately translated labelling, but, from a user perspective, it would appear as if they had opened a single, multi language course.

Scott Byers
Jennifer Story

This is a great idea!  Thank you for sharing.  This did not work in my LMS though.  I will have to create different courses and upload them separately in order for the learner to get credit for the course.  If anyone has any other suggestions on this topic, I'd love to hear them.  

Curious which LMS you are using. Did you use deep links to each course?

Trish Mckinney

Julie I just got 1/2 way there until I realized that my solution (an index.html page with language selection) works for the initially-selected language, but if the user decides to switch languages upon a subsequent launch, the bookmarking/tracking prevents other languages from launching - blank page. This appears to be tied to the LMS bookmarking feature going 'with' the selected language package and not sitting at the root. With Storyline, I could have multiple languages in a single package and switch between them seamlessly with the bookmarking feature. Rise structure is different and I just haven't gotten far enough to figure out where my issue is - I think some assets need to be moved to the root and updating the imsmanifest file. This probably isn't very helpful, but the solution has been documented for Storyline - not the one with all the languages 'in the Storyline file' but with published versions being consolidated with a language selector. Anyone else gotten this far with Rise and all published languages in a file with language-selector option?

Karl Muller

Hi Loredana,

Determining course completion is the biggest problem with multiple languages in one course, as students need to follow different paths.

When it comes to choosing the Tracking options for your Course, you only have these choices:

  • Track using course completion - Set the percentage of the course a learner must finish to mark as completed.
  • Track using quiz result - Use results from this quiz.
  • Track using Storyline block - Use results from: this block.

In my opinion, none of these options are suitable for determining course completion for multiple languages.


Lea Agato

Hi Loredana! If you want to have all the languages available in a Rise course, you can create different sections in a course for each language and create a menu using a button stack to navigate to the selected language. Here’s a sample course that I created with this concept.  The text labels in your course, however, will only be in one language. 

To track completion for this, you'll want to make sure that each language content will have the exact same number of lessons, then use the option Track using course completion. The percentage you use will be based on the number of languages used in your course.  For example, 25% for 4 languages, 20% for 5 languages, etc.

I hope this helps!

Loredana Marchetti

Hi Lea,

I've noticed that in this way however the scorm is not available in offline mode, which is something we need on the mobile app.

Is there any other solution available? The LMS accepts only one scorm per module.

Thank you

Loredana Marchetti, Global Training Coordinator
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Loredana Marchetti

Hi Lea,

Our LMS is Teach on Mars.

The reason why it is not available offline is because through the button stack you paste and URL.

Many thanks

Loredana Marchetti, Global Training Coordinator
BALLY | Via Industria, 1, Caslano, 6987 | Switzerland
Office: +41 91 612 92 30 | Mobile: +41 79 249 37 24