Need Conditional Continue After Button - RISE

Jul 31, 2020

Please give us the ability to set a working conditional continue after a URL button in RISE. (Please note, I am also submitting this as a Feature Request. I just like posting here as well to allow others to see the workaround.)

Image 1: Conditional Continue Button set in edit mode of RISE Course.

Image 2: Continue Button shows available without pressing button in preview mode of RISE Course.

I have a custom workaround (that is NOT ideal), using a custom Storyline Block (See below). My custom SL block includes a button with two triggers: one to launch the URL, and the other to mark the SL course as complete. This is simple enough, but this level of customization should NOT be a requirement when RISE is otherwise a powerful tool.

Image 3: Custom SL block created. Conditional Continue Button set in edit mode of RISE Course.

Image 4: Custom SL block created. Conditional Continue Button works as intended in preview mode of RISE Course.

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Joyce Maurin

Hi Daniel,

Depending the content you want to display here, you can maybe use other blocks instead of opening it on another window.

I you use a process block to display the main information you have on that link, you could add a URL link inside of it (as a conclusion for example). This way you could assure the learner had been through all the important content and add your "Continue button".

You could also add a "one-item checkbox list" where the learner need to testify he clicked on the button which would work for the "(un)locked continue button".

checkbox and continue button example

Matt Gastineau

I'm having a similar issue with embedded video.  I'd like to lock the continue button until they've watched the video but it's not letting me.  I tried the "one-item checkbox list" suggestion and it worked but is not ideal.  Is there a way to lock the continue button below an embedded video until the learner watches the video?

Matt Gastineau

Thanks for your response Lea, but it's not working. I have the continue button set up like you show above and it reflects that in edit mode but when I preview it the continue button is not locked. I'm only experiencing this with embedded video, which led me to post it here. It works when I use Daniel's workaround but I'd prefer not to use the checkbox. I've posted a picture below to show you what it's doing.

Daniel Mitchell

You may already know this, but just in case: In Storyline, place the embedded video on a slide LAYER, and a Play button on the base layer. Build a trigger so that when the timeline of the layer ends, a new layer appears with your continue button. Set the continue button to mark the SL course complete.