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Jillian Rickertt

I am trying to use this table in the Describe your Course section, (there is an option there to add a table), but when I preview or publish it, the text doesn't fit/is wrapping/makeing other columns smaller. Is there a cure for this? I am on my second module. The first one worked perfect;y so I don't understand the problem now as I'm not doing anything different. Also, is is possible to bring a table saved as a block template into the Course Description? I am writing 10 modules, and need to re-create the table each time in each module.

Ammolite Ammolite's RISE Account

Hi Jillian,

One thing we discovered with the table block is that adjusting the column widths can result in the tables not appearing how you had hoped. I would suggest trying again and keep the column widths as is.

If you haven't already started the 9 modules, can you duplicate this course once the table in the describe your course section is set up and working? 

Karl Muller

Hi Liesa,

Just like the Text Editor, the Table Editor is buggy and will randomly stop working.

When this happens, exit the Lesson back to the course level and immediately open the same Lesson again.

That will reload the Table Editor and it will work again.

Use the same steps when the Text Editor stops working.

Kerry Andrew
Mike Olivieri

We’ve just released a super-useful new block type for Rise 360: the table block. Now it’s easy to organize detailed data and information in tables to provide more context for learners.

Here’s how the table block works:

We think you’re going to love using this new block!

Hi Mike

I am trying to copy the demonstration (above) to delete 2 columns from my Rise Table block. My dropdown arrows are not working; therefore, not providing me the option to delete a column or add rows.

I filmed a snippet to show you what is happening - https://360.articulate.com/review/content/46e38a80-512b-4119-8a20-7ab57fee5cc3/review

Can you let me know how I can fix this please?

John Doe

Hello, Thanks for the answer. I realize we can utilize the layout capability and we do to a degree, however we likewise need to make variety between the way individuals intereact with each course/brand. Assuming we layout all that every one of our courses will appear to be identical and individuals will get exhausted.

I comprehend the reason why you have defaults yet unquestionably giving a basic capability to clients to have the option to change that seems OK. I've placed in many remarks and element demands around this with respect to formating subjects, colors, textual styles and so on.

We have 6 licenses and are making courses for north of 10 worldwide buyer marks and are hoping to grow our improvement capabillity. Straightforward changes to this would help make growing and smoothing out our ability and productivity exceptionally simple.