Open external link is same tab/window

Seems like an age old discussion.  I have not found a solution.  

I'm using another LMS. I've created all of my curriculum using RISE.  I export using "No LMS, web only".  It exports nicely.  In each main menu I have "exit course" and "take quiz" - both buttons lead to my other LMS. The problem is, we need to have new tabs open in the same window.  Since we are exporting as web, we figured we could manually update the links to work (i.e. "target _self" HTML). 

We've tried everything to no avail.  Put tickets in, commented on other discussion threads and can't find anything to help us.  

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Donald Kerns

Mike - If I understand your question correctly:

If you want the LMS hyperlink to open in a new tab within the same browser window, I think you want the target="_blank" attribute rather than target="_self" as _self opens in the same window AND tab where the link is found (in other words, it replaces the content that displayed the original link). The target="_blank" attribute generally opens a new tab in the same browser window...but Internet Explorer (depending on version) may require changing IE settings to get the behavior you desire. I know the _blank attribute opens new tabs in the same browser window on Mac (10.12.6) and  Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. I have not tested on IE recently.

  Example: <a href="" target="_blank">Exit Course</a>

I recommend trying "W3Schools Try It" (see link below) - edit the HTML on the left side with your LMS URL and desired target attribute, then click the [Run>>] button. The link on the right side can then be tested; repeat until you get the desired behavior.

Mike Del Re

Actually, I may not have explained it well.  I want the link to open in the same window and the same tab.  RISE lets me only put the link in. I've tried the w3schools ways and _self and it is still not working.  

I can't put the entire link in the section for "exit" course or "take the quiz" least nothing that will work.

I think what would be easier is to just let me know where the link resides in the html export.  If I can export the html, js, css why are all the links masked and encoded?  Any help is appreciated.