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Sep 21, 2021


We recently used Rise, which I love madly btw, to author a course with an interactive button stack. One button is set for email, however it gives a 'contact your site administrator' error when clicked. Our LMS, Brainier, said:

"The error is due to some additional security restrictions we have in place involving what type of links can be present in framed content. Currently the link is set to open in the current window which is why the error is occurring, but if opened in a new tab the link works as expected and prompts to send an email. Your course authoring tool should provide a way to make the link open in a new tab instead of the current window (e.g adding target="_blank" to the link) which would resolve the issue."

We see no way to set the button to open in a new window in the Rise settings. I'm curious if there is a way to do this, and if not, is this a feature enhancement that can be accomplished?



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Robert Watkins

Yes the button is set to Send Email. Our LMS provider, Brainier, has said it is due to the target opening in the same window that conflicts with their security coding. Their suggestion was to set the target to open in a new window, but we see no option for that.
Let me know what other info you would like and have a good evening,

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Chino Navarro

Hi Robert, when you click on a button block that is configured to Send an email, it should open your computer's default email client. Do you have Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail installed on your computer?

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