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Cass Netzley

Does this new "remove image degradation" file naming "switch" apply to all block types that have the capability of having image assets uploaded into them?

Our designers, instructors, and students have made note of Carousel blocks being egregious offenders of the image degradation/compression. 


Cass Netzley

Thanks, Crystal! 

I was just about to respond to my own post. My team is elated about this and found the same as you mentioned about the carousel, labeled graphics, and all the other imageable block types.

Cheers and big thanks to the Articulate Rise team for listening to your users and bringing this option about. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kora! Thanks for reaching out.

Does your image look blurry in Rise 360? We've designed a workaround to keep your images looking crystal clear.

If you'd like an image to keep its specific file format and not undergo compression, you can opt-out of image optimization on a case-by-case basis. Add _NOPROCESS_ to the name of your image file. It'll upload and display exactly as you saved it. Keep in mind that the 5GB file size limit still applies, and you could see an increase in your output file size.