Poster Frame Image in Rise video

Hi Everyone, 

I have a video which I have created/published from SL360, for the purposes of inserting into a Rise course (as a video in a Block (ie not a SL module insert)).

I am going round in circles - simply trying have the video image show before the learner clicks to play. (ie as opposed to a black frame).

I enabled Poster Frame Image when I created in SL, however, I saw this post re PFI not be enabled in Rise (

As an alternative I added a still image at the start of the timeline in SL and republished, but I just went from a black to a white set frame.  

I am sure this must be a very simple thing, but I am stumped. 

Thanks Christine

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Alyssa, yes that worked thank you. 

It did increase the video file size from 17,500 KB to over 54,000 KB.  Most learners will be in regional areas with slow download speeds (1.5 Mbps ave) and as such I am trying to keep file sizes of assets to a minimum.  I will compress with a third party app,

but I was wondering if there was a way to control quality settings in Replay to help minimise file sizes?

Thanks again.  Christine

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christine,

I know our team was also looking into an issue where videos added into Rise are increasing in size upon export. I'd love to have you video as another example for the team to take a look at! 

If you can attach it here, use the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window.