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Nov 04, 2022

Hi! I use Articulate products regularly and love all the features; however, I was wondering will there ever be more character options to select from when building scenarios in RISE? The character library is limited, particularly the medical images. 

Also, is there a possibility of a search feature in RISE to locate built courses? I have a large library of courses and the option to search for a course instead of scrolling the the entire library would be great. :)

Thanks for considering and if not the right place to ask these questions, please let me know. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for these ideas, Rhona!

I'll let our team know that you'd like to see more characters from the medical profession in the Content Library. It also sounds like you would benefit from a search bar on your Rise 360 dashboard, so I'll make that request for you, as well! 

We love hearing from our customers about what features will be beneficial to them. I appreciate your feedback!

Tiffany Smith


First thank you for being such a supportive forum! 

I am curious is you would be able to add more characters from the Safety industry in the content library. For example, confined space entry (CSE), gas testing, isolation, lock-out tag-out , falling from heights, excavation etc. These are a few examples that are fairly universal I believe in safety. 

I realize you cannot include every industry in your character library, but it would be nice if you can have a few more to choose from.

As always, thank you for the great work and support your continue to provide!



Gren Foronda

Hi Wendy!

Would you like to upload your own custom character to a Rise 360 scenario block? This isn't supported yet in Rise, but we're tracking requests for this feature. We'll keep you posted on any updates that can help!

In the meantime, you might want to check out this workaround from Matt Basuk, one of our community members.