Using custom characters for Scenarios in Rise

Jul 08, 2019

I've been playing around with the new scenarios lesson in Rise. They are awesome for scenario based learning with dynamic feedback. However the characters currently offered are kind of limited, specifically for my industry.

I really wanted to use custom characters in my company's uniforms. It may not be officially supported by Articulate, but swapping the stock characters for custom characters is actually pretty easy. I made this quick video to show you how you can do it too.

Reach out if you have questions.


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Juan Napoli

Great Job, we still would love to see the Rise team step up and offer the option of replacing the characters with custom or no characters at all. Also would be ideal to have the option of removing the background blur, sometimes you want the full background to be visible especially as you may be able to add other characters if the scenario image can be tinkered with.

Rise 0

Thanks for sharing the video Matt, show that basically with some trial and error anything in the course content can be customized after export, which begs the question, why it cant be done from within the system in the first place :)

But for a workaround in a tricky "must have request" situation, it is doable, or as someone said in the thread a life saver :)

Simon Smith

You can do that by adding some custom CSS to the exported course. Start by unzipping the exported course.

Find index.html (For SCORM it's in scormcontent, for XAPI it's in in the parent directory) and open it in a text editor. Then paste the following CSS  right under the <style> tag.

filter: blur(0rem) !important;

It should look something like the image below. This will remove the blur from ALL scenario blocks in your course, so you can just upload a background image of your choice.

Screen shot of the edited html file

Once you've done that, zip everything up again and you're good to go.

Madeleine Steeves

No, I was wanting to know if I could change the character images and still use it within a Rise course. The video shows you how to change the characters images once you have published the course. I was checking whether you have to publish the who rise course then go in and find the images used in the scenario block?

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Madeleine! Currently, changing the character images in a Scenario block isn't supported. In addition, content library characters are not available for use on all blocks in Rise.

We are tracking requests for the ability to upload custom characters to a Scenario block and to enable content library characters to be used in more blocks that support images.

We'll post updates to this thread if this feature gets released or if we make changes that can help.